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Saturday, April 19, 2008


The agricultural process of choice.
Argentina chooses the slash and burn method.

My journey home ends with me smelling like a camp fire.

The smell.
If only I had spent my night hanging with friends around a campfire.
But the fire was distant.
Buenos Aires was being infiltrated by smoke from the North.
Roads are closed.
Buses and desvíos.

Tonight I went to an English Club.
I taught. It was fun.

It relaxed my mind and
complemented my Spanish.

Had an opportunity to be a volunteer
the group is Fundacion TEMAS. 
Conflicts exist and they are with school.

Conflict management too the rescue! We should manage.
I have attempted a couple times before. Organizations.
An English Institute interviewed me for a job the other day.
There are no openings for me. They need some more advanced students
and more qualified teachers.
 I will remain on their list.

Met a Peruvian, Columbian, and two Misioneras tonight
at an Evangelical Christian gathering. This was after the English Club.
I wonder if they are connected?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Learner... 4/10/08

I have been learning a lot.
But I have been learning in areas unseen.
Many different areas of my life
I really thought they would be seen.
 My lifestyle and Spirituality have been
a few of theses areas.

I am a learner

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

¡Feriado! 4/2/08

Yes, today is a holiday.
My password found salvation
It was lost and has now been found! Hallelujah.
May the blog live on in freedom.

today is Día del Veterano de Guerra y los caídos en Malvinas
There is not too much celebration.
England, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Malvinas.

Went to the memorial to see the ceremony.

2 weeks of school have passed.
 Not bad
a lot of reading

Newest class Traditions and Cultures
Discussions of the Mapuche people.