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Thursday, May 29, 2008

CineClub (El Desierto Negro) 5/29/08

Not too much dialogue. Black and white, so the movie poster serves its purpose. A nice accompaniment while I work on my 2 final papers that I have due next week, one on La pasión en la cultura Argentina and El populismo de Getulio Vargas y Juan Domingo Perón.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Días difíciles 9/24/08

add 2 new things to my way of life, 
juggling and running, not a wife.
Juggling is self developmental for me 
hand coordination and brain developing.

I enjoy it. I enjoy it a lot.
Legit plazas, close to my lot
here in BsAs.
I run around them. Adding the
tourist touch to the Recoleta barrio.

Last time I went I realized that the particular plaza
it is marked with distances. By distance not height,
like when I was a toddler on the posts of our bedroom 
door of Sister and I.

God exists. Life is proof of that.
I feel like sometimes Western Christians believe that most of life
 will be easier once a relationship between the corporeal person and spirit flourishes.
How is that measured once found?

I have been learning that I am privileged in many ways, one of these ways is in regards to spirituality.
I am aware and conscience of a Spiritual life that is in some way connected to God. This I have yet to decide firmly. However, I believe it can be found in the person Jesus Christ. Please keep in mind that
any relationship with God at this point of my life is found in practices that were taught to me or learned within a context that was/is heavily influenced and dominated by Western Religion and North American Cultures.

An example of the diction and vocabulary I would use to express the above paragraph in the context of my Religion & Culture follows.
Religion: Evangelical Christianity
Sect/Denomination: Southern Baptist
Culture: Southern Arkansas and Southern Texas
Key words: Him (God, and/or Jesus), glory,

"I strive to love Him and follow Him in my life so that He is glorified. The Glory of God is the only thing that matters to Him. This is so much easier to type. Living to help spread the Glory of God is crazy hard sometimes. These difficult days cannot defeat me though. His Glory is my only objective and I only desire to see his Glory be known in all things."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

La semana de parciales. 5/14/08

The week of midterms.

One on Monday
One today.
One on Thursday.
Finish then, vacay.

Hopefully Friday
my visas will be Okayed.
NO doubt that
Bolivia and Brasil will be payed.