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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get Lost in Patagonia: 6/24/08

This past week is over.  I had the opportunity of travel. My choices took me through the parts of southern Argentina with my sister, Kate.  Our plans failed, royally.

We have met people, seen landscapes, spoken conversations, and laughed together.  I have a blessing to receive.  I don't deserve it, but I am very grateful for it.

(Take notice of the reeds in the picture)

Kate and I rambled around Buenos Aires. My life for the past 5 months. Rambling.  Kate came over to eat a dinner with the Durand family, my hosts for the school year. The protests broke out in the streets the same night. The conflict between "el campo y el gobierno".  A "cacerolazo" or two is like biting into cardamon in a curry! Pot banging protest has been used a lot since i have been here and Georgina along with her son Joaquín took us to go check it out before dinner.  The protest culminated with the singing of the National Hymn in the middle of the intersection of Santa Fe and Callao. The Hymn is inherently passionate.

Buenos Aires was last week and currently in Puerto Madryn. We will ramble on the Shepe infested human deserted Valdes Peninsula.  We will see the Southern Right whales. The penguins have gone north to Brasil. Frankly, it is whale breeding season.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Small talk = blah: 6/6/08

"If we are so impoverished that we have have nothing to reveal but `small talk`whenever we meet, then we need to struggle for more richness of the soul."
-Frank C. Laubach-

I have met people from many different areas of the world with different lifestyles and different ways of percieving the world. I have spent anywhere from 5 minutes with these people to a handfull of months.

Upon reflection, I recognize that I have superficially understood the majority of these individuals. Conversations always seem to be full of this thing we call "small talk." Whether it be due to time restraints, I am not sure.

I find myself constantly repeating conversations, or really just elaborating on initial-conversational-subjects during the following moments I spend with the people I repetitively cross paths with; whether by choice or by chance. 

Why is it that I am afraid to talk about things that resonate deep within me? Granted, I have met people that are open about talking about their beliefs, religion, world views, and inner thoughts, but it is hard to come by. Sometimes it is hard to do this also with my difficulties with the language, or theirs.

Should I not share this just because I do not want to "bore" the other party? 

Just something that I have been thinking on recently.

"It is not the fashion to tell your inner-most thoughts, but there are many wrong fashions, and concealment of the best in us is wrong. I disaprove of the usual practice of `small talk` whenever we meet, and holding a veil over our souls."
-Frank C. Laubach-