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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just over a month: 10/01/09

Just over a month
over the hump.
The silt has settled at the bottom.
Work is postponed twice
Ramadan and the H1N1 
"global crisis" for flu precautions.

Sunday will be the firs
first official day with students. 
I am hesitant to mentally commit
The sitting and planning/waiting 
is getting me antsy, 
not stopping time it fills up my days 
with thinking, and staring. Lots of blank and white walls.

First known bone fracture and first set of crutches
For a week and another I could another two.
Hopefully no more than 2, inshallah
The fractured piece of bone at the bottom of my ankle. 
I Pray that surgery can be avoided. My next appointment
October 10th.

Looking forward to the arrival 
of a great friend, James Chase. 
He will teach Social Studies 
to the 7th year boys. 
It will be great to see a very familiar face 
walking the halls at the school.

*I urge you to check out a very encouraging blog of a dear friend, Laura Shook, that is battling cancer and is being transparent and open about the process and journey.*