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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Adjusted to Life in 6/5/2010

I feel somewhat established and independent and this is what a recent graduate of an American University from the United States is supposed to feel. Although, it could just be a forced illusion to console myself. I have decided I will not work here another year, maybe this confirms that the established and independent self-proclamation is a farce. 

Officially I have 2 weeks remaining with the students. In less than one month I will be on a plane headed to Sydney, Australia to see my sister, a positively overwhelming predicament. Thereafter I will return to an empty flat and a much less populated Doha. Summers are told to be ghostly and eery due to the intense summer heat driving out its ex-pat habitants. I must return to clear out the last of my things and return our cable box and internet router to Q-tel for some extra cash. Two days of oddness and solitude.  After, I will head back to Houston. As I grow older time accelerates. How could I slow down?

Years 5/6 boys basketball team.
Top From Left (Mohammed, Ayman, Abdulrahman, Khalid T.)

Bottom From Left (Khalid S., Johan, Khalid)