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"Pedro Lasch in his map and article "Latino/a America" envisions the Americas without any boundaries. He discusses how a map can show traces of immigrants travels. His work explores how globalization enforces boundaries to loosen the flow of capital while preventing movement of people."

"Pedro Lasch en su mapa y artículo, 'Latino/a America,' considera las Américas sin fronteras. Él discute cómo un mapa puede mostrar rastros de los viajes de inmigrantes. Su obra explora como globalización impone limites para aflojar el flujo de capital mientras se prohibe el movimiento de las personas."

Text from "Mapping Very Large Complicated Machines"
by Ted English for the online broadside Molossus– August 4, 2009.

Cita de "Mapear Maquinas Grandotes y Complicadas" por Ted English para el volante online Molossus– el 4 de Agosto, 2009

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Prostate Gland. 11-1-2010

Ever wondered what the primary function of the prostate gland is? Well sorry. You are out of luck because I am not going to tell you. Go google it.

Ever been to a seemingly normal dinner and asked directly out of nowhere if you knew what that primary function of the prostate was by a Argentinian Matriarch?

Well if you ever find yourself in this situation just say yes, especially if it is in another language and you cannot understand the informant fully as they explains in detail (and I mean DETAIL).

So, last night at Vicente's in Mataderos, I was with my Mission Year group and Marcelo, the pastor of our church and his mother and renowned matriarch of La Misión and its community. Azucena happens to be trained for the medical field as a nurse. Moreover, according to my team memebers,she loves to share her knowledge with younger people. Consequently, they have had a few interesting conversations and lectures from this sweet woman (she is also notorious for citing full Tangos and Poesías) A true matriarch.

At dinner, I sat in front of her with the intention of getting some knowledge and wisdom by way of getting to know her better. Through conversation of course. Towards the end of our dinner our conversation was running a little dry, not sure if it was the full belly or the drowsiness due to the full stomach. Aware of the current predicament, Azucena proceeded to pull a quick one on me.

Paul, escuchame...¿Sabés cuál es la función principal de la próstata? / Paul, listen...Do you know what the primary function of the Prostate is?

¿Perdón? / Excuse me?

(She repeats the question)

I say no.


She explains it. I am sure she explained it pretty thoroughly, however, I am left with some gaps.

I tend to have trouble understanding her in general and due to the noise in the restaurant I was having more trouble than usual.

I find it somewhat rude to pretend you understand when you really don't, which I tend to do when tired. But despite my fatigue of the time  I proceeded to ask her for some clarification. Have grace for my anatomy vocabulary is not up to par.

As words like gland, secretion, fluid (and other now very obvious words) begin to flood the table's conversation two of my female teammates on my left catch a few words coming out of her mouth and mine as I proceed to answer her last question, "¿Sabés dónde la próstata es ubicada? / Do you know where the prostate is located? I skip the first word that pops in my head because I figure that ass is definitely not appropriate and search my brain for the more "medical appropriate" term, ano or anus.

To defend myself and the table manners that my mother and father have taught me I was being polite by answering.

Needless to say, this word caught the attention of my teammates and produced some hysterical facial expressions. This made it extremely hard (yes even for this mature 24 year old man) to hold in a smile/laugh as my two teammates Meroe and Caty proceeded to join in on "'The Prostate Gland 101."

Well I couldn't keep that story to myself. This conversation did lead into some awesome advice from a very wise lady about marriage and relationships. I am thankful for the opportunities to learn first hand from people who live life to the fullest and continue to do so at such a delicate age, Azucena.


  1. HAHAHA, "anus"... I can just picture you saying that. How come you are always finding yourself in these weird situations?

  2. This is one of the funniest stories ever... I LOVE it!! Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. This is right up there with your delivery of the "Christmas tamales" in Tegucigalpa!

  4. I love it!! So funny,that was an awesome night. You have a good story telling talent my friend.

  5. haha, great story, made me laugh this morning!
    I think about you and Ted anytime I use our "Slap Ya Momma"! Hope all is well.

  6. Its good to know that you understand about Prostate Gland in such atmosphere.