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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sitting is nice 8/8/2010

I am finally able to sit down again and take in many things from the past month. Sensory overload. I guess i did sit for 26 hours which is how long my bus ride was from Buenos Aires to Salta.

Since July 1st (last day of school in Doha) I have been able to visit Kate in Australia for 16 days and volunteer with her for I.Heart.Revolution. Then flew back to Doha for 2 days, then to Houston for 2 days, then to Argentina where I have been the past 2 weeks.

It was surreal being back in Buenos Aires, however, I felt at home. During the first week I was able to hang out with old friends and catch up on life in the city. I am now in Jujuy and it is beautiful. My favorite pueblos so far in the north are Iruya and Tilcara. The bluest skies and colorful mountains compliment an inviting winter climate.

Beginning on September 5th I will be beginning a program called Mission Year. I have known about the program for awhile but found out 2 months ago that my church, (when in Houston) Ecclesia, has a partnership with a church in Buenos Aires and is sending a group to live and work at it. As soon as I heard that my heart jumped out of my chest. Chance? Coincidence? God? Universe aligning? It jumped.

I had a moment of doubt in regards to the program and was also worried about committing the program just because it was in Buenos Aires. Although, when back in Houston visiting my Mom and Dad on July 24 and 25th I was able to attend their church. The church's pastor, Chris Seay, mentioned he was going to Buenos AIres that night to deliver tools for construction at the church site I had previously heard about. Funnily enough I was leaving that night to Buenos Aires as well.

I approached the pastor after the service and it worked out well because he needed somebody to take another bag of tools. Plus, we could also talk about the church´s vision in Buenos Aires. I was able to share with Chris where I was at in life and also let him share everything about the partnership between Ecclesia and La Misión (the church in BA). The first 3 days I was back in Buenos Aires I was able to see the partnership in person, meet the pastor there in Buenos Aires, meet some people I would be working with, see the neighborhood, and learn more about the different ventures the churches are using to assist the community in development.

September 5th I will begin my training in Chicago after a long road trip up through Oklahoma, Arkansas, to Montana and North Dakota to visit family. On September 11th I will have another few weeks of training in Houston. September 24th we begin our training in Buenos Aires. Next post I will put some pics up from these past couple months. I am on an old PC in a hostel so no pics for now.