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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to BsAs 9-30-2010

Training in Chicago and Houston for Mission Year is over. It was quite an eye opening experience and provided a time to connect with other individuals with similar desires and passions. I found myself constantly discussing how we want see lives changed and communities affected by building relationships. Many conversations revolved around serving in any way possible as the body of Christ (the real Church) should. A body that gets active in communities while knowing full well that God is already there. Other conversations branched off this idea and emphasized that where we are going God is at work whether we decide to take part or not. Personal Responsibility. 

Thankfully, God knows the desire of my heart, even when I do not.

I am back in Buenos Aires. I will be living above the church with a group of 5 other team members as we embark on a Mission Year devoted to serving people and loving people, beginning with ourselves and amongst our own team.  The following is a list of things I hope  to learn in the next year and will continue to learn until I'm old and wrinkled, god willing.

Love God and Love People.

Learn more about my identity.

To Serve.
To simplify.

How to get involved in a neighborhood/community.

Build relationships with people I would usually just walk by.

Serve in a community whether the work is something I enjoy or not.

Being a servant inside the church (building) and outside of it.

How to step outside of myself more often.

How to confront personal insecurities.

To see myself through God's eyes so I can love myself.

So my group and I (see pic above Me, Caty, Meroe, Katy, Claire, Maricela), city directors, pastors, and other staff from Mission Year have all been working on a Purpose Statement and Covenant for Mission Year Buenos Aires. There are a lot of issues due to the differences in culture and location but we have been filtering everything through this statement so far.

"To experience/worship God in a real way by living intentionally through a relationship in Jesus Christ by serving, building relationships with others in the neighborhood, community, and La Misión"

We are now at the end of week 2 in Buenos Aires. Difficulties have already arisen and we are gingerly walking forward, together.

If you would like to take part in this small part of my journey with me I ask you to check up on my blog entries, to leave comments, encouragements, prayers, anecdotes, stories, songs, etc. and you can email me at and I will add you to an email list where I will be asking people to send me updates of their life so we can live and share in community despite the distance between us.

If you would like to support me financially as well you can click this link Financial Support and choose monthly or one time donation. If you prefer snail mail let me know and I can get an old fashioned envelope and address for you. Love and Peace.