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Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks for nothing 02/05/2011

Personally speaking, Osama.
I have strong emotions within beings.
I am directly connected with your murder. 
Extremism, nationalism, evangelism. Muslim.
Either/or rather than both/and. 
Pridefulness and ethnocentrism. A sense of entitlement
Something I find myself trapped up in often.

What strikes closer to home is not a bomb. For me, the celebration of death is peculiar and unsettling. I do not claim understanding the grandeur of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, nor if grandeur has been appropriately used in the previous statement.  I do not claim to know the negative impact he had on the world, nor if the militarized modern nation-state is a greater than he. However, I can claim and confirm the concerns and sadness for what I read today in regards to his assassination.  I am confused. The tones and diction of what I have been reading online are at the heart of my confusion. I begin to see words which contain deep profound importance in the life of humanity and the human experience. A few of these words are justice, freedom, and victory– referring to the merit and foundation of the operation led by my country of origin.

Are we capable of deciding death? Moreover, who is to say the degree to which some one deserves termination of life. Where does life seize to be a grace that God gifts to us? When did death begin to satiate the human's sorrow, pain or loss? 
Might we go back to see at what point in history death became a requirement for justice?

There is an unique death. We are taught it was necessary. The Judeo-Christian tradition celebrates it once a year and I remembered it last Sunday.  In this sense, death is still peculiar and unsettling to me, however it is not the termination of life.  It is a death that represents freedom. Real Freedom. A chosen freedom. Not for an ideology or a revolutionary purpose. Not a fearful reaction or a false ambition. Rather a personal sacrifice for another to demonstrate and incarnate a true freedom. Jesus died out of love, not out of vengeance.  Love, he was well well aware and prepared.

Jesus the Liberating King, allow me to die to who I think I am, who we think we are, to ideology, extremism, and flatulent speech. We must live in your unfathomable grace and freedom. You have set us up to experience a life free of fear and false ambition. You are not reactionary so we must learn to resist hedonistic reaction. 

Your peace that
transcends our understanding.