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Friday, September 20, 2013

If failure was a regular practice
What would I extol?

If failure was approached with grace and confidence
How would my priorities be ordered?

If failure was a practice rather than an uninvited test
Where would I find my footing?

If the process of failing involved identification, ownership, utility, and redemption
How would I live?

If failure was not disguised as an enemy, but rather accepted as a comrade,
If failure was a prudent advisor,
If failure was embraced as strength.

It is I. Not identifying, owning, or utilizing failure
It is I. The nourisher of my own social coma.
It is I. Fearful of failure.

Warnings are conditioned in my being.
Warnings I have engrained in my mind.
Warnings I allow to thicken in my false-self.

If failure was a genuine and honest practice,
if I were to detain from projecting this all on my external factors,
maybe I could dip into the subterranean stream.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


White is so present and 
Fortunately it birthed me,
the inherent hopeful whitness.

It leads me to belief,
certifies is certain.
My reality questions you,
it confirms you.

Perception mimics reality and
philosophies from long ago.
It loses touch with your mind
Please, plead.

Not my soul. What surrounds you 
every day?
Different realms 
perceptions fleshed out in REM

You wake up feeling numb
exhaustion like having 
methodone withdrawals.
Bad days.

Bad and good, one in the same.
Streaming flow of stimulations
the material temptation.
Souls make words. 

Words are sounds.
Books detonate the mind
It explodes every quarter kilometer.
The instruments of life

Are moments.
Reality surpasses the
intransigent physiology
from one niche to another.

home only exists in the hindsight.
A convert sent into contemplation 
mode. Tasking to speak and
Writing to reach enough.

tasking to speak
enough to write

Each cannot coagulate thoughts. 
EVER. The common fear of alienation.
Common to who? Beauty comes,
it surfaces

when connection happens.
Humanity is.
Fear and shame
disconnect It.

Humanity develops
Fear and shape convert it
The cerebral stimulation
and the heart recognition.

Does idea flourish from the heart?
My soul has escaped both.
While the majority of society
declares clinical insanity

A depressed fallacy?
The intransigent mind,
a self-proclaimed

Doubt carriages the
persistent conscious 
which never relents.
Total pleasure is exposed.

The emotional rise
of consuming data, the
facts without flinching. 
They fully "understand."

I fully "understand." 
Avoid the dehumanization
of each other with facts. 
The facts become over-bearing.

Drive one into a state of separation
from the subterranean stream
This murders the beauty.
Reality is what is closest to you.

That which is around you generates
the rise, the walk, and the
lay back down again. 
Beauty can be found.

Ephemeral Answers.
We must find them.
It gets bloody, fleshy.
Take it all in if you must. 

Don't dwell long with the 
knowledge. Knowledge is 
transitory. It is fleeting.
One eyed open satisfying.