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Friday, October 4, 2013


Hear is she. the beauty. i'm the goner.
Hear is she. the stronger and the taller
Hear is she. provider of my love.
Loner for long
sapless and free.
The spirits flow
grander and grander
greater than
the sea.
Grander, yes
most likely
i'll see.
The seer will drown me.


Have been lost in translation more
times actually than I have realized
thus far.
the other day We
had to sit a year 6 boy out to the side.
Due to bad attitude and conjectures of another boy.
Nationality keeps us after class.
Attempts to teach.
Opposed to the following of
what seems to be the norm.
We mostly think we are superior to all others.
His tears soaked the collared
Phys Ed shirt.