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Sunday, November 16, 2014


"Pero la poesía (la verdadera poesía) es así: se deja presentir, se anuncia en el aire, como los terremotos según dicen que presienten algunos animales especialmente aptos para tal propósito. (Estos animales son las serpientes, los gusanos, las ratas y algunos pájaros.)

Roberto Bolaño, "Los detectives salvajes"

A junky prohibition attack.
                                     Or a

               junk prohibition attack
               carried out by
               the visiting professor.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2012 (Olivos)

Absorbed like the Holy Scripture of my Youth.
Faithful as Fievel, 
my childhood fantasy 
my companion.
Perpetual pull to the West.
I didn't choose it. 
Scapegoat phrases.

Blue, green, red, gold, 
white, and black are
definitely not the colors of a rainbow.
Homemade salvation accessories.

The red screamed.
The black stuck.
The white was lost
out west with Fievel.

Eternity flows through my body
like the cheap leather lanyard that
unified the beads of salvation.
The beads of my youth.
Each an accessory,
a paradox,
a fix.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Individuals seem to be benevolent beings. 
What do you think?
The individual is a transparent image. 
What do you see?
A leader, a teacher, a guide, a seer: benevolent beings. 
What do you perceive?

We are an institution that is consistently restrained and reprimanded  by western custom, philosophy, and religion, all which have established paradigms of progress and power.

(I reflect stilly. Subversive to custom of the Great Modern West.)
Fleeting, measured in seconds.

I take a step back only to determine the next step forward. 
I take a step forward only to look back.
Fear of stagnancy
                          or death. 
Never go to the dance stag– Nancy.