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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transitory Guest (Part 1)

In August I was encouraged by a friend. My friend David Shook who is a poet, film maker and editor asked me to submit a writing of mine and a translation of an Argentinean poet to the literary journal Bengal Lights. He had been invited as guest editor to fittingly partake in the publishing of their Guest Issue.  To my delight they accepted my writing and not the translation of the poem.The prompt was the following:

The Bengal Lights Guest Issue seeks answers to questions like: what constitutes an invitation? And when does one outstay their welcome? And when does a guest become a hostage?

In light of this prompt and along with the help of one of the Guest Editors of the autumn issue, I stumbled upon the idea of a transitory guest. The road to this idea began with the following poem by Roberto Juarroz. I selected the poem Me visitó una nube...  This particular poem plucked a chord in my self for a few reasons known and many unknown. In Juarroz's work, and specifically in this poem, I have found that he takes to task a search for acceptance of a transitory life. Also, and quite equally, he expresses through his poetry the importance of the question in order to continue on with hope. The way I see it, I must declare the things I know as personal truths, as arbitrary as their establishment may seem, and on the other hand question the great mysteries of life. It is not an either/or perspective, rather a both/and. This is one of the things I know that resonated within me when I first read this poem and that would later accompany me while writing my submission. My hope is the unknown, the mystery of the poem itself. In continuation you can find the poem and my personal translation of the same. Shortly, I will post my submission that was included in the Guest Issue.

Me visitó una nube... 
Por Roberto Juarroz

Me visitó una nube...                                            A cloud visited me...
Me visitó una nube.                                              A cloud visited me.
y me dejó al marcharse                                         And left me as it went away
su contorno de viento.                                           its contour  of wind.

Me visitó una sombra.                                         A shadow visited me.
Y me dejó al marcharse                                       And left me as it went away
el peso de otro cuerpo.                                         the weight of another body.

Me visitó una ráfaga de imagines.                       A gust of images visited me.
Y me dejó al marcharse                                        And left me as it went away
la irreligión del sueño.                                         the irreligion of the dream.

Me visitó una ausencia.                                       An absence visited me.
Y me dejó al marcharse                                       And left me as it went away
mi imagen en el tiempo.                                      my image in time.

Yo visito la vida.                                                 I visit life.
Le dejaré al marcharme                                       I will leave it as I am going away
la gracia de estos restos.                                      the grace of these remains.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

La línea mitre 23-01-2015

El vendedor ambulante 
que vende lupas portátiles.

La lupa de lectura, "de alta calidad."

Las palabras bien contempladas, 
Son dichas y cortadas. 

La ejecución es perfecta. 
La conciencia es ceguera.